XOXO Floristry School Aberdeen

Whether you're a beginner just looking for some fun with your friends or a keen flower arranger looking to polish your skills, XOXO Floristry School run a range of classes specifically tailored to a variety of levels and experience.  Our current range of classes includes Hand-tied Bouquets, Contemporary Oasis Arrangements, Flower Crown as well as Corsage and Buttonhole courses. Each class has a maximum of eight students and is run by a professional Florist with years of experience in the industry. 

XOXO Floristry School runs weekday classes in the evenings as well as a lunchtime class at the weekend. If you'd like a private group class or a one to one, please call us on 01224 733222 or email info@xoxofloristaberdeen.co.uk

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Available Courses:

Hand-tied Bouquet

£44.99 per head

Available Dates:  

We are currently running voucher only classes, availability and booking can be seen here


Bespoke Christmas Wreath Masterclass

£54.99 per head

Available Dates:

Tuesday 5th December - Fully Booked
Wednesday 6th December - Fully Booked
Thursday 7th December (1 Place) 
- Fully Booked
Friday 8th December - Fully Booked
Saturday 9th December 
- Fully Booked
Monday 11th December @ 6pm- Fully Booked
Tuesday 12th December @ 6pm - Fully Booked
Wednesday 13th December @ 6pm 
- Book Now
Thursday 14th December @ 6pm - Book Now
Friday 15th December @ 6pm - Fully Booked
Saturday 16th December @ 1.30pm - Book Now
Tuesday 19th December @ 6pm - Book Now


Corsage & Buttonhole

£45 per head

Available Dates: 


Course Information:

Bespoke Christmas Wreath 

Learn how to create your very own, bespoke Christmas Door Wreath from scratch using real moss and a selection of beautiful Christmas greenery, flowers and decorations. Taught by highly skilled and experienced Florists, you'll Learn about the technics required to design and create a Christmas Wreath using a traditional wire frame, moss and holly. The class also looks at the technical aspects of floristry including the symmetry, contrast and balance. All tools, materials and decorations are provided. The class will last 2 hours and you'll be able to take your handmade wreath home.
This is a hugely popular, sell out class and we have extremely limited availability
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Flower Crown/Circlet 

£49.99 per head

Flower crowns are quickly becoming the go-to accessory for music festivals, weddings and nights out. Learn how to design and create your very own Circlet for any occasion.
This relaxed and fun class looks at the new flower crown craze taking Pinterest and the internet by storm! Learn about the different styles of circlets and how to design and create the perfect one for any occasion. You'll also look at the different aspects of floristry including the symmetry and balance of the Circlet as well as the overall style and fit. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll get to take your beautiful crown home to show off to your friends and family.

Hand-tied Bouquet 


£44.99 per head

Learn how to create your very own, bespoke Hand-tied Bouquet by merging modern design concepts with traditional skills.

During the 2 hour course, you will get a brief overview and introduction into floristry, the tools, equipment and technical skills required to make a Hand-tied Bouquet. You'll then move on to learn about how to structure a bouquet and create the perfect spiral using a range of selected flowers. The class looks at the technical aspects of floristry including the symmetry, contrast and balance in a Bouquet. Course notes are provided and you'll get to take your beautiful bouquet home as well. 


Contemporary Arrangement in Oasis 


£50 per head

This two-hour class starts with a brief overview and introduction into floristry, the tools, equipment, and skills required to make a Contemporary Oasis Arrangement. 

You'll then move on to learning about the modern design principles behind a contemporary arrangement in oasis and follow a professional florist step by step to create your very own using a variety of flowers.


Corsage and Buttonholes


£45 per head

A brief overview and introduction into floristry, the tools, equipment and skills required to make a Corsage or Buttonhole.

 Learn how to make both a Corsage (Wrist, Outfit or Handbag Corsage) as well as a Gents Button Hole.


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